Project 365

Project 365 is where you take photos every day for a year and document them.

January 1st. Snow - the perfect way to start a new year.

January 2nd. When snowed in what can you do? Farmville!

January 3rd. Ice-skating in Charlestown.

January 4th. The arrival of Jeremy cat

January 5th. Finally have the hot water back in the apartment. First "Big Blue' lush bath of the year complete with rubber ducks.

January 6th. An evening walk in the snow

January 7th. A Blackglen View

January 8th. Pretty snow sky

January 9th. First venture out in the snow

January 10th. Tree in snow in Ashbourne

January 11th, Yet another snow pic.

January 12th. Journalistinablog gets 4000 hits.

January 13th. Peacock on my farm.

January 14th. Pretty teapots in Blanchardstown

January 15th. Someone needs more sleep!

January 16th. Uncle's housewarming/ engagement party.

January 17th. Simba has found herself a man!

January 18th. Tigger waves goodbye as we head back to Dublin.

January 19th. My first trip to Newry.

January 20th. Cement works in Drogheda - pretty cool buildings!

January 21st. A rocket in Eddie Rockets.

January 22nd. Off my tocco's go on their final destination to envirofone

January 23rd. The lengthy process of backing up a mac

January 24th. A walk in the park.

January 25th. Time to start my A.C.E course.

January 26th. Lunch time walk

January 27th. Pretty bamboo plants.

January 28th. First attempt at profiteroles

January 29th. I got my super-pumpkin mastery on farmville. It took a LOT of work and time.

January 30th. Time to start looking at new macs as my black one is dying 😦

January 31st. Hamleys - a good way to pass a few hours.

February 1st. Noodles mmm

February 2nd. Deer crossing.

February 3rd. Pretty flowers.

February 4th. Old house.

February 5th. Simba hiding.

February 6th. Simba playing

February 7th. Super worm!

February 8th. Simba sitting on my bag.

February 9th. New macbook 🙂

February 10th Migrating info from old mac to new.

February 11th. Walk to Griffith to collect portfolios.

February 12th. New shoes!

Feb 13. Luke's christening

Feb 14. Blackglen village

Feb 15. Trip back to Cork

Feb 16. Blackglen Road

Feb 17. Oh deer!

Feb 19. What a car!!

Feb 20. Pretty Bearded dragon

Feb 20. Pretty bearded dragon.

Feb 21. More snow?

Feb 22. Pretty nemo fish.

Feb 23. Even more snow. Brrr

Feb 24. Another deer!!!

Feb 26. Road sign

Feb 27. Square mug. How cool is that!

Feb 28. Dundrum parking sign. To me for the past 6 months it was a giraffe to everyone else a zebra! Oops

March 1. The boots my mother wanted to steal.

March 2. Tigger has company

March 3. Mallow station

March 4. Croke park.

March 7. Pancakes and chocolate spread.

March 8. Big

March 9. Simba looks on while dad puts on invisible shield

March 10. Simba rolling her bed around.

March 11. Ppppppick up a penguin!

March 12. St Patrick's Day preparation on my farm

March 13. Creative deserts day 1

March 14. Creative deserts day 2.

March 15. Creative deserts day 3.

March 16 - Simba was cold so decided to hide in the hotpress.

March 17. Noodles make Tiggers head spin round and round

March 18. Tigger surfing the lolcat channel late at night

March 19. money money money

March 23. Evil eye

March 24 snail in the rain

March 27. Painting at Kinley hostel

March 28. Film workshop at futurearts

March 29. Some ballet performance at futurearts

March 30. Snow ...again!

3 April. Tigger's book review is not so great

April 4. Who needs easter eggs when you can have the packaging

April 10. Easter at Blanchardstown

April 12. Street performance on Grafton St.

April 13. An "X' in the sky one very early morning

April 14. Raspberry mastery at last!

April 18. New conference centre near spencer docklands

April 22. Jeff Dunhams "peanut" going on an adventure

April 25. Simba still has her lying on bags habbit

April 26. Someone likes drinking out of watering cans!

Apri 28. Someone likes trying on new shoes despite them being wayyyy too big

April 30. Snow in Cork!

May 1. Pretty flower

May 2. A tigger yawn. Cause everyone needs to see his tonsils. Not!

May 3. Finally a proper purple laptop cover

May 4. A friend's discovery of a very old photograph of us

May 5. Tigger likes orange yogurt 😛

May 6. Up close with a caterpillar

May 8. Laura's communion

May 9. A wind catcher made out of bottles

May 11. Snails again

May 12. Big stretch

May 14. Very sick Simba

May 15. Tigger with cream on his nose. What a messy eater!


May 16. Netbooks yuck. Two days and I was ready to throw this under a speeding train!

May 17. Seriously what were they thinking typing her bandage in a bow. She is not a christmas present!

May 18. Simba's new jumper. Does her bum look big in it? Oh yes!

May 24. Swan on the liffey

May 25. Purple is her favorite color

May 26. Once upon a time this used to be a jackrabbit on farmville


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