Photos from India 2009


All the volunteers week 1.

Weekend trip 1 – Kerala. A lady making rope during the backwater tour.

Weekend trip 1 – Kerala – Coconuts fresh from the tree. Mmmm

Visiting Sheba at the temple.

Trip 2 – Mysore Palace

Trip 2 – Mysore marketplace

Trip 2 – Mysore marketplace. Incredible apple stacking. Don’t try this at home. I tried and failed!

Trip 2 – Mysore market sweet stall.

Trip 2 – Mysore – Fancy a new pair of shoes?

Independence day at SKID

Farewell dinner for those leaving after week 2.

Bangalore everyday life 1 – need something ironing?

Bangalore everyday life 2 – Meat pie guy. The guy who used to wake us up everymorning in time for work.

Bangalore everyday life 3 – Bimbo the katary dog who kept us safe at night.

Bangalore everyday life 4 – Mary our maid stuck in a life not many would want.

Dinner for those leaving after week 3

Lydia’s henna hands 1 just after being done

Lydia’s henna hands 2 – after being scraped.

Dinner with the new volunteers who unfortunately decided to go home early so only stayed a week.

Ganesh the god of new beginnings

Everyday life Bangalore 5 – A Thippasandra street family

My henna feet 1 – Just after being done

My henna feet 2 – after scraping

My henna feet 3 – The next day

Bangalore transport system 1

Bangalore transport system 2

Bangalore transport system 3

Day trip to Bangalore zoo

Bears at the zoo


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