3 Responses to LOLcats

  1. Neil Rush says:

    Hi Miriam,
    It´s Neil here from next door. Just want to say your site is very impressive…well done. You caught my attention from your thread about India on the PROC. Just by coincidence I also replied, mine is sitting right underneath yours and as you gave your website a mention, thought I might visit, only to realise it was yourself. Anyhow this is very good stuff!! Regards to your parents..

  2. Neil Rush says:

    btw I liked the pictures of our white cat who sadly no longer resides in Chestnut drive…

  3. journalistinablog says:

    Hey thanks a lot for that. It’s taken some doing but always handy to have an online portfolio.

    yea I miss the white cat a lot I never got too attached with not being home much but she was good at posing alright. Its a pity about the other cat too. Was really sad to hear that and I never got to get photos of that one 😦 Tigger was a bit lost without the pair of them when we were down at the weekend.

    Hope you have a great Christmas 😉

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